Elevating Legal Standards Through Transparent Assessments

At Radnoff Haworth LLP, we extend our account assessment expertise to our colleagues in the legal profession. Understanding the complexities of law firm billing practices, financial management, and ethical compliance, we offer our services to lawyers and law firms seeking an impartial and thorough assessment of their accounts. Further, we can provide guidance on how to avoid fee disputes with clients.  Our commitment is to uphold the highest standards of transparency and integrity, reinforcing trust in your practice.

Why Partner with Radnoff Haworth LLP for Your Firm’s Account Assessment?

Specialized Insight for Legal Professionals

Leveraging our extensive experience in legal account analysis, we offer specialized insights tailored to the unique needs of lawyers and law firms. Our assessments are designed to ensure compliance with regulatory standards and enhance your firm’s billing practices and client trust.

Confidential and Impartial Evaluation

We prioritize confidentiality and impartiality. Our assessments are conducted with respect for privacy and professionalism, ensuring your firm’s information is handled with discretion. Our goal is to provide you with constructive insights that support your firm’s growth and reputation.

Empowering Your Practice

By identifying opportunities for improvement in your account management and billing practices, we empower your firm to enhance client satisfaction, operational efficiency, and compliance. Our detailed reports provide actionable recommendations to elevate your practice.

Our Comprehensive Assessment Process

Step 1: Initial Consultation

Our process begins with a confidential consultation to understand your firm’s specific needs and objectives for the account assessment.

Step 2: In-depth Analysis

Utilizing our expertise, we conduct an in-depth analysis of your firm’s billing practices, account management, and compliance with ethical standards, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation.

Step 3: Reporting and Recommendations

We deliver a detailed report of our findings, including actionable recommendations for improvement. Our team is available for follow-up discussions to help you implement these strategies effectively.


Q: How does Radnoff Haworth LLP ensure the confidentiality of my firm’s information?

A: We employ strict confidentiality protocols and data protection measures throughout the assessment process to safeguard your information.

Q: What outcomes can I expect from the assessment?

A: Expect to receive detailed insights into your firm’s billing practices, financial management, and compliance, along with recommendations for enhancements.

Q: How can this assessment benefit my law firm?

A: Beyond ensuring compliance, our assessments can help improve client trust, financial transparency, and operational efficiencies, contributing to the overall success of your practice.

Get Started

Elevate your law firm’s standards and build greater trust with your clients. Contact Radnoff Haworth LLP today to schedule a comprehensive assessment of your legal accounts. Let us help you maintain the highest level of professional integrity and excellence.