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If you’re looking for a Toronto tax lawyer, we’re ready to assist.

Radnoff + Haworth are experienced tax lawyers and will represent you in Tax Court. We can also represent you or your clients during audits, objections, and tax appeals. We’re well-positioned to advise and instruct on compliance with all your tax obligations. 

Understandably many of our customers are anxious before contacting us to ask for help with legal tax issues. 

However, we’re experienced and accomplished advisors and lawyers. So, we’re always able to provide more than just meaningful advice and actionable insight. When clients enlist us to help with their tax problems, they’re instantly relieved by having a professional on their side.

Radnoff + Haworth are known for our dedication to solving complex tax issues as swiftly as possible. We have significant expertise representing clients against the CRA in appeals processes and tax court. The CRA is one of the largest and most powerful government agencies to be opposing in court. Assure you receive the best possible representation by choosing our firm.

Our exceptional record of excellence spans over 20 years, and we emphasize providing an exemplary level of service. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Accountanting Firms Choose Our Law Firm

We’ve worked with a range of clients and are particularly popular with accountancy firms. If you’re seeking an experienced and reliable lawyer as an accountant or for any of your clients, our senior partner Jeffrey Radnoff has over 25 years of experience working against the CRA as a lawyer. He has successfully appealed a variety of tax assessments.

Our partner Charles Haworth is also an experienced lawyer for CPA clients. His career began in the UK in 2013 when he was called to the Bar of England and Wales as a Barrister. Charles Haworth then continued to practice law in Canada, and he was called to the Bar of Ontario in 2016 after articling with Radnoff Law Offices in 2015. He has successfully appealed a variety of tax assessments.

Enlisting a Radnoff + Haworth LLP Tax Attorney

The first step to working with us is to contact us and tell us about your situation. We can provide detailed tax advice for self-employed professionals and businesses that are facing CRA tax audits. We’ll help to ensure your tax assessment runs as smoothly as possible.

We’re also able to provide representation for non-profit organizations. We work with certified public accountants, small-medium enterprises, and specialized sole traders. We also represent the individual taxpayers’ interests and defend their rights. 

We have a wealth of experience representing entire businesses and can assist in filing tax returns. Lawful and accurate filing of income tax returns is much easier with a skilled law firm like Radnoff + Haworth LLP at your side. 

Are you concerned because you’re doing business overseas but need to abide by Canadian tax laws? We’re able to provide all the information you need to file accurate and lawful tax documentation. 

We can also help you file your business taxes efficiently and not inadvertently pay more than you’re legally required to pay. We’re able to assist with tax reorganizations such as s85 rollovers and amalgamations of corporations under s87 of the Income Tax Act.

Our Clients Are Always Satisfied With Our Services

Our previous clients are so abundantly satisfied with the legal services that they regularly recommend us. 

We also don’t shy away when approached by clients in need who may be facing difficulties such as accusations of tax evasion, income tax fraud, or seizures of bank accounts and personal property or real estate liens. 

Radnoff + Haworth can also bring rectification applications to court to correct improperly documented transactions and provide detailed and accurate tax advice for mergers and acquisitions.

Senior Partner Jeffrey Radnoff has held leadership and teaching positions, including a role as a Member of Council of the Ontario Bar Association and Past Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary of the executive of the Civil Litigation Section of the Ontario Bar Association (Ontario). 

All of which have lent him the calm, reassuring patience of an academic and complement his courtroom and boardroom won expertise. He’s also a Past Instructor for the Bar Admission Course and nurtures upcoming talent effortlessly. 

During his time as a Member of the faculty of the Intensive Advocacy Program held each summer at Osgoode Hall Law School, he inspired some of tomorrow’s best and brightest Canadian attorneys.

Are You Dissatisfied With Your Current Legal Partners?

In some cases, new clients come to us, and they’re either dissatisfied with their current lawyers or even want to bring lawsuits against their incumbent legal partners. So if you trusted a legal firm and they or your accountants had let you down, let us know your story, and we’ll help you to seek justice. 

In those situations, we’re almost always able to help. We’re positioned to make thorough assessments of your previous lawyers’ accounts. Radnoff + Haworth can also represent you in any situations where you feel that mismanagement of your funds or taxes by them has negatively impacted you, your reputation, or your business.

You must not feel alone or allow anyone to take advantage of you. We’re here to support you every step of the way and get you the fair and rightful treatment you deserve.

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To summarize, at Radnoff + Haworth, we consider ourselves more than just a law firm. We’re here to support you in your tax goals and help you to weather any legal storm. Many of our clients come to us with problems that may seem insurmountable, but we can help reveal and take the route to the best possible outcome. 

Let us lead you on your tax journey. We’re ready to talk today. 

Contact Radnoff + Haworth LLP Tax Attorney now so that we can begin to help you with tax law, tax filing, and litigation and ensure you have impeccable results, regardless of the complexity of your requirements.