Employment Law

Our experience means you have expert representation no matter what side of the issue you are on. Are you an employer looking to greatly reduce liability by ensuring all contracts and policies are as secure as possible? We can help. Looking to ensure your rights are represented during collective agreements? We have you covered. Radnoff Law is committed to helping you navigate the complicated world of employment law, be protected from being taken advantage of with our knowledge as your shield.

Wrongful Dismissal

Employment contracts in many instances are not as definitive as you are led to believe. Many terms and conditions, under scrutiny, can be deemed unenforceable by an expert. Cases of wrongful dismissal are saturated with ill-will and offended egos. If you feel you have been wrongfully dismissed, or inversely, feel like you are being harassed by a slighted former employee, we know how to help. We provide superior effort that will lead you to superior results.