Personal income and corporate taxes were created to help the federal government finance the country during the First World War. That system has evolved to what it is today, and income taxes are levied separately at a national and provincial level.

When you earn a certain amount of money, how much you need to pay in personal income taxes changes based on what province you live in and how much of your income is taxable. Each income range has a cutoff point (tax bracket) and is taxed at a different percentage (tax rate). Canadian taxpayers pay income tax to the federal and provincial governments where they live. Each province has different brackets and rates, while the federal government is consistent across the country.

Credits and deductions are two common ways to reduce your taxes and improve your tax refund.

Here’s a rough breakdown of Canadian federal tax brackets with their corresponding rates and the tax brackets and rates for each province for 2022


Tax RateTax BracketsTaxable Income
15%on the first $50,197$50,197
20.50%on the next $50,195$50,197 up to $100,392
26%on the next $55,233$100,392 up to $155,625
29%on the next $66,083$155,625 up to $221,708
33%on the portion over $221,708$221,708 and up


Tax RateTax BracketsTaxable Income
5.05%on the first $46,226$46,226
9.15%on the next $46,228over $46,226 up to $92,454
11.16%on the next $57,546over $92,454 up to $150,000
12.16%on the next $70,000over $150,000 up to $220,000
13.16%on the portion over $220,000over $220,000

British Columbia

Tax RateTax BracketsTaxable Income
5.06%on the first $42,184$42,184
7.70%on the next $42,184over $42,184 up to $84,369
10.50%on the next $12,497over $84,369 up to $96,866
12.29%on the next $20,757over $96,866 up to $117,623
14.70%on the next $41,860over $117,623 up to $159,483
16.80%on the next $62,937over $159,483 up to $222,420
20.50%on the portion over $222,420$222,420 and up


Tax RateTax BracketsTaxable Income
10%on the first $131,220$131,220
12%on the next $26,244over $131,220 up to $157,464
13%on the next $52,488over $157,464 up to $209,952
14%on the next $104,976over $209,952 up to $314,928
15%on the portion over $314,928over $314,928


Tax RateTax BracketsTaxable Income
10.50%on the first $46,773$46,773
12.50%on the next $86,865over $46,773 up to $133,638
14.50%on the portion over $133,638over $133,638


Tax RateTax BracketsTaxable Income
10.80%on the first $34,431$34,431
12.75%on the next $39,985over $34,431 up to $74,416
17.40%on the portion over $74,716over $74,716


Tax RateTax BracketsTaxable Income
15%on the first $46,295$46,295
20%on the next $45,105over $46,295 up to $92,580
24%on the next $19,555over $92,580 up to $112,655
25.75%on the portion over $109,755over $112,655

Newfoundland & Labrador

Tax RateTax BracketsTaxable Income
8.70%on the first $39,147$39,147
14.50%on the next $39,147over $39,147 up to $78,294
15.80%on the next $61,486over $78,294 up to $139,780
17.80%on the next $55,913over $139,780 up to $195,693
19.80%on the next $54,307over $195,693 up to $250,000
20.80%on the next $250,000over $250,000 up to $500,000
21.30%on the next $500,000over $500,000 up to $1,000,000
21.80%on the portion over $1,000,000over $1,000,000

Nova Scotia

Tax RateTax BracketsTaxable Income
8.79%on the first $29,590$29,590
14.95%on the next $29,590over $29,590 up to $59,180
16.67%on the next $33,820over $59,180 up to $93,000
17.50%on the next $57,000over $93,000 up to $150,000
21%on the portion over $150,000over $150,000

New Brunswick

Tax RateTax BracketsTaxable Income
9.40%on the first $44,887$44,887
14.82%on the next $44,888over $44,887 up to $89,775
16.52%on the next $56,180over $89,775 up to $145,955
17.84%on the next $20,325over $145,955 up to $166,280
20.30%on the portion over $166,280over $166,280

Prince Edward Island

Tax RateTax BracketsTaxable Income
9.80%on the first $31,984$31,984
13.80%on the next $31,985over $31,984 up to $63,969
16.70%on the portion over $63,969over $63,969
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