Tax lawyers are experts on Canada’s system of taxation. The experience derived from practicing provides a tax lawyer with the much-needed ability to navigate the complex world of Canadian tax law. For example, a tax lawyer is best able to interpret and apply the vast array of tax legislation and court decisions that make up the rights and duties of a taxpayer. Tax lawyers can be found in a range of private practice settings, from tax boutiques to full-service law firms, as well as in government legal departments such as the Department of Justice.

Facing the CRA can be nerve-racking, but tax lawyers can help. If the CRA sends a notice of assessment or decides to conduct an audit, you may be forced to pay harsh penalties, or you might face prosecution. If you owe more tax than expected, and the CRA is threatening you, a tax lawyer can provide expertise on any obligations that you may owe and can represent your rights in court. More specifically, a tax lawyer can help with tax debt resolution, challenge CRA assessments and audits (filing appeals), act as you advocate in court, and ensure that you, or your business, are complying with Canadian tax laws.

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