RFR’s are made available to individuals who believe that their real estate properties have been incorrectly assessed. RFR’s apply to properties classified as either residential, farm, or managed forest property. RFR’S provide an opportunity to have the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (“MPAC”) review the property owner’s assessment, free of charge.

If, after MPAC’s review, you believe that your property has been assessed or classified incorrectly, you can file for an appeal before the Assessment Review Board (“ARB”). You have 90 days to file an appeal from when MPAC notifies you of their decision. Once the ARB receives your appeal, they will send you an acknowledgment letter, commencement date, and schedule of events for your appeal. There will be a mandatory meeting between yourself, MPAC, and the municipality in question. Appeals before the ARB are either heard through 1) summary proceeding or 2) general proceeding.

If you do not agree with the ARB’s decision, you have the right to appeal their decision before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

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